Special Applications of Emission Electron Microscopy

Besides common use as Photoemission Electron Microscope, the same instruments can be employed for other applications. Our group has studied several types of unconventional emission mechanisms:

  • Observation of optical near fields

In laser-excited PEEM it is possible to observe the optical near-zone fields. The emission mechanism is still under debate. Unlike SNOM, the PEEM constitutes a completely “non-invasive” approach to study near fields. The project is based on a cooperation with Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz (Dr. Kreiter).

  • Observation of standing wave fields on multilayer structures

This implementation of PEEM resulted from an EU-project (“More Moore”) aiming at the investigation and optimization of next-generation EUV lithography at about 13nm wavelength (95eV photon energy). In a special PEEM that allows perpendicular illumination, we study nanometer-size defects on EUVL mask blanks and reticles employing a patented novel approach (standing-wave EUVL PEEM). The project was based on a cooperation with LMU Munich (Prof. Kleineberg) and FOCUS GmbH.

  • Strong field enhancement in sphere-on-plane resonators as optical nanoantennas





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