The various developments have been carried out in cooperation with colleagues in Mainz (H.-J. Elmers, M. Jourdan, J. Demsar, M. Kläui), groups at the Max-Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics in Halle (J. Kirscher (Emeritus)), at the Universities of Kaiserlautern (M. Aeschlimann, B. Stadtmüller), Würzburg (R. Claessen, M. Sing), Duisburg/Essen and FZ Jülich (C.M. Schneider, C. Tusche), München (H. Ebert), Kiel (K. Rossnagel), Plzen Czech Republic (J. Minár), ETH Zurich (Y. Acremann, A. Vaterlaus), groups in Orsay (A. Lafosse, N. Barrett, D. Comparat), Nancy (S. Andrieu, C. Guillemard) and at SOLEIL (F. Bertran, P. LeFevre) as well as Stony Brook University (T. Allison).

Experiments at large-scale facilities were carried out or are prepared in cooperation with BESSY II (O. Rader), PETRA III (W. Drube, C. Schlueter, M. Hoesch), FLASH (W. Wurth, D. Kutnyakhov), the European XFEL (S. Molodtsov, M. Izquierdo) and DIAMOND, Didcot, UK (T.-L. Lee, J. Zegenhagen).

For details on the funding sources, see list of funded projects. For details on the different topics, see section research (with references) and full list of publications.